The Great Yarmouth School and Business Partnership Ltd was established in 2005 by the then Great Yarmouth Excellence Cluster. It was established as a registered company with charitable status, charity number 1122200.

“The charity’s primary objective is to advance education, in particular by providing and assisting with the provision of additional and new learning opportunities for the benefit of all learners within the administrative area of the Great Yarmouth Borough Council.”

Initially, a vehicle to support the work of the Excellence Cluster, through access to wider funding streams, it has expanded to become the umbrella organisation for both Nexus and Horatio House.

A board of trustees oversees the charity and receives reports from the directors of both Nexus and Horatio House. It applies for funding to support the work of these trading arms as well as for wider development and innovation of education provision in and around Great Yarmouth.

Schools and Academies can pay a subscription to the trust of £2 per pupil on roll per year. This gives access at best possible prices to all the services of Nexus and Horatio House. It includes eligibility to apply to the charity for funding at any time for innovative educational projects. It also includes automatic inclusion in any successful area wide project bids.

The charity uses any excess income over expenditure from its trading arms, to further fund educational provision in and around Great Yarmouth, in accordance with its charitable aims.

GYSBP Ltd was established to support schools in the Education Action Zone. It has charitable status and accessed EEDA, NRF and other funding agencies to support educational activities in the schools belonging to the EAZ. Over the years some £480,000 has been secured through bids.

Significant funding was allocated to schools to promote successful activities such as:

  • The Accelerated Reading Project.
  • Young Enterprise leading to schools becoming Centres of Excellence.
  • The purchase of Nintendos to support school project.
  • Supporting Futurewise programmes in schools.
  • The establishment of Gardening Projects in schools.

Terms of Reference
Great Yarmouth Schools and Business Partnership Limited

To advance education, in particular by providing and assisting with the provision of additional and new learning opportunities for the benefit of all learners within the administrative area of the Great Yarmouth Borough Council.
In furtherance of the above objects but not further or otherwise the Company shall have the following powers:-
(a) To promote and disseminate knowledge of new learning opportunities

(b) To conduct research and publish and make publicly available the results thereof.

(c) To support, by such means as the Council of Management thinks fit, innovation in and commitment to new learning opportunities.

(d) Subject to such consents as may be required by law, to borrow and raise money for the furtherance of the Company in such manner and on such security as the Company may think fit.

(e) To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation or otherwise provided that this shall be without prejudice to the ability of the Company to disclaim any gift, legacy or bequest in whole or in part in such circumstances as the Company may think fit and provided also that the Company shall only undertake such permanent trading activities in raising funds for the above mentioned charitable objects are permitted by law.

(f) To lend money to and to take security for such loans from and to guarantee and become or give security for the performance of contracts and obligations by any charitable organisation or body.

(g) Trading arms of GYSBP will gift profits to GYSBP who will fund future developments of the trading arms.

Great Yarmouth School & Business Partnership Lmited

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“This is the best thing I’ve ever done” 
Learner working on pewter casting, BTEC Level 2 Engineering (Year 10)

“I have learnt about the basics of engineering, so that I now know this is what I want to purse in the future”
Learner attending our Sponsored 5 day summer school, 2014 (13 years old)

“I enjoyed making things with the laser cutter and making friends”
Learner attending oil & Gas industry focused workshop (13 years old)

Engineering is an exciting career that offers so many opportunities for work in different sectors worldwide.

Our programmes are all designed with progression in mind to enable learners to develop their skills required for the next steps in their careers. read more


  • Machinery hire
  • 3D printing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • CNC coding and production
  • Laser cutting
  • CAD
  • Bespoke training and room hire

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