Kimberly Chininga

Kimberly Chininga

Kimberly was a student at Caister High School and won the Year 11 Student of the year for her work on the 14-16 Programme at Nexus.

Her BTEC Certificate in Engineering Course involved many different projects – making model bridges from coffee stirrers, to CO2 power cars.

“We have spent time on analysing and writing reports on how they work and how we constructed them, which is very useful as it gives you an analytical thought-process, I have to say the most enjoyable bit is the practical side.

“The reason I chose to do an engineering course at Nexus Engineering is because I like to challenge myself, I think it is good to try something different, and I am interested in building ‘things’ – having a tangible end product.

“Studying at Nexus Engineering has been really worthwhile for me, it has given me a real insight into engineering and the atmosphere at the Training Centre prepares you for higher education, unlike being at school at Nexus it is more how I imagine a College might be. In the future I hope to study medicine, however, I appreciate this can be very hard to access, so taking this course will, I hope increase my options for the future.”

Kimberly plans to go to sixth form college to study, maths, chemistry, biology and physics.

“I know the course I have attended at Nexus Engineering will help me in the future, as it has given me experience in problem solving and in-depth analysis. I would encourage anyone to attend Nexus Engineering because it is a great environment to work and the projects are very interesting.”

What Nexus said

“Kimberly, from the outset, has grasped the difference between a school and college environment. She has responded well to the need for independent study and research that is required to cover coursework and assignments for BTEC L2 in Engineering. Kimberly has an excellent work ethic, is well motivated and has a good grasp of the subject; consequently her work is of a very high standard. It has been a pleasure teaching Kimberly, I know she will do well at whatever education path she chooses to follow and I wish her the very best in the future.”

Derek Hillyard, Engineering Manager, Nexus Engineering