Devan Roberts

Devan Roberts


An A level student at Sir John Leman High School, Beccles had support from Nexus for his A level Product Design course.

Devan said he had enjoyed “a really unique” opportunity to access trainers’ time and expertise as well as facilities when he was manufacturing moulds for a carbon fibre track bike for his project in high-end material, tooling block.

“I am planning to study Product Design at University to further expand my knowledge and skills within this field. I am proud to say that at one of the interviews for a place at University, the interview panel commented on how complex my design was and that they would expect this level of work from a Third Year student on a Product Design Degree Course. It’s the access to Nexus and the knowledge of the team here that enabled me to manufacture key components to this high standard.

“I think one of the most satisfying aspects of Engineering and Design is seeing your own design develop from the drawing board through to the final product, something Nexus have made possible for me. Being trained and learning how to use the machines and gaining that knowledge has been invaluable. Working in Engineering has given me the confidence to develop my problem solving skills, understanding how to focus on the limitations and restrictions that design verses production involves has been very rewarding.”
Devan was persistant seeking sponsorship for his project and eventually found support from a local carbon fibre manufacturer that is sponsoring him and will take the initial CAD model to production stage.

“I must stress I did not wait for responses from companies, I carried on regardless and the sponsorship eventually came. My ultimate goal is to have my own design company focusing on sports equipment, perhaps even further developing my prototype track bike frame.

What Nexus said

“Devan represents the type of student we at Nexus are keen to encourage on their chosen career path within engineering. He was introduced to us by Mr Mark Curtis; Director of Technology at Sir John Leman High School with a very ambitious and challenging project. The CNC machining facilities and expertise at Nexus were ideally suited to the manufacture of the four part mould and we were able to accommodate the long production times by allowing 24 hour automated production on several occasions! It is fair to say that it is not just Devan that has gained valuable experience from this project – engineers are problem solvers and this project gave plenty of opportunity to demonstrate that. With an ever closing deadline, we finally completed machining the mould and are now looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Derek Hillyard, Engineering Manager, Nexus