Laser Cutting Services

We can work successfully on custom design specifications.

The laser process collaborates with virtually every manufacturing industry.

We can meet your individual requirements and can follow a strict schedule. To ensure the highest standards, we have a strong emphasis on quality control. We are able to offer laser engraving and laser cutting services.

  • Etched landscapes
  • Bridges and buildings
  • Bespoke trophies
  • Models for projects
  • Etched signage

If you are currently working on a project or at the concept stage, please contact our team on 01493 742336 for further information and a quote.

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“The pupils have really enjoyed working with Nexus staff on projects both in school and at the Nexus base. The engineering after school club and projects within the school time have given the children a real insight into the breadth of engineering. They have appreciated working with both the excellent resources and the specialist staff.”

Mr M Adams, Headteacher

Engineering is an exciting career that offers so many opportunities for work in different sectors worldwide.

Our programmes are all designed with progression in mind to enable learners to develop their skills required for the next steps in their careers. read more


  • Machinery hire
  • 3D printing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • CNC coding and production
  • Laser cutting
  • CAD
  • Bespoke training and room hire

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